I have been a fan of PVC and latex clothing for my entire life, and have photographed many models in it, so my experience with keeping it viable has taken me through many different procedures over the years.  The one that I find works best is what I will describe here.

Pure PVC clothing is not like other PVC items you may have in your wardrobe, as it is pure, and doesn't have any form of material backing the PVC.  Therefore, taking care of it differs from material backed PVC, much like latex, which has an entire procedure built around its care and storage.  PVC isn't as complicated as latex, but with a few easy steps, you can increase the life of your PVC garment, and also improve the pleasure you get from it.

PVC clothing must NEVER be washed in regular laundry soap, or combined with your regular laundry!!  This is vital, as you will reduce the life of your PVC clothing by a huge amount.  It must be washed using regular dish soap, either by hand in warm water, or in your washing machine in hot water, and on the "whites" setting.  For a load of six items of varying types, eg., pants, jackets, pajamas, I recommend 1/4 cup of liquid dish soap, combined with 1/8 cup of latex shine, eg., Vivi-Shine is what I use and recommend.  Make sure to stop the washing machine after the first spin.  Do not allow it to enter the "rinse" cycle, as rinsing will remove the effects of the soap and shine, and also uses cold water, which can damage PVC because it becomes brittle in cold water, and thus is easier to tear seams when agitated in the washing machine.

To dry your PVC, you can use your dryer, as long as it has a setting for low temperature.  This is vital, as a regular dryer heat setting to completely destroy both your PVC clothing, and your dryer!!  Place your freshly washed PVC clothing into the dryer, along with a large towel.  Run it for 10 minutes.  If you notice water inside the sleeves of your PVC clothing, turn them inside out and continue drying for another 5 minutes.

Now remove the towel and sprinkle approximately 2-3 tablespoons of latex shine over the clothing, then run on low heat for another 10 minutes.  This coats your PVC with a very fine layer of latex shine, fine enough to not cause stains on your furniture, but enough to keep it from sticking to itself like saranwrap.  Turn your garments inside out and continue for another 5 minutes.

Another tip to extend the life and comfort of your PVC clothing is to reduce the amount of skin oil that it comes in contact with.  One way to do this is to shower just before wearing PVC clothing directly on the skin.  Another way is to not wear PVC clothing directly on the skin, by wearing a shirt or t-shirt under the garment.