One of my personal goals in launching this store is to spread the love of PVC garments. Not only for fetishists but fashionistas alike. PVC material is nothing new in the history of fashion. It was big in the late 60s when creativity was cultivated by space technology advancement and the imagination of space travelling. The world is getting more prosperous, making the emphasis on fashion less on the practical side but a representation of self-expression. 

Fashion comes and goes, personally, I think futuristic fashion is making a comeback. Shiny garments are catching the eye of internet users, frequently seen worn by content creators to celebrity figures. Imagine when the world opens up again, you walking down the street with the shiniest clothes anyone can find? How about being the star of the show in clubs and restaurants after a year of longing to have some fun?

We all need a little boost. I will for sure be part of this, you in?

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